Q. Can Art Poles be left outside?

A. YES! Art poles are designed to be outdoors. They are weatherproof and will not fade or rot if left outside-you can even leave them out in the winter. The original poles are wood burned and then the designs are put on PVC plastic, so the final product you receive can withstand all the elements and time.

Q. How do I attach the pole to the ground?

A. Every Art Pole comes with all of the easy to install hardware you will need to put it in the ground. Smaller poles come with a wicket and larger poles come with an auger pole, then the art pole just slides over the top. Below is an image that shows the two different types.

Q. Can I put a certain design on a different sized pole? For example, a two foot design on a six foot pole?

A. Unfortunately, each design only comes in the one size it is designed for.

Q. Can you customize a pole?

A. Yes. Certain poles can be customized with last names and address.